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CloudV is a Salesforce Partner based in the UK, specialising in delivering Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud services, ensuring tailored solutions for your business needs. Our dedicated team will help you harness their full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud.

Get the right setup and the right data architecture with CloudV

Embark on a successful journey to elevate your business with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud. Salesforce is a robust platform with immense potential. Our team at CloudV is dedicated to helping you harness the full power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud. Whether you're looking to streamline your marketing efforts, optimise data management, or enhance customer engagement, we've got you covered

Our expertise

Valentin at CloudV has been an exceptional consultant. He understood our data setup (which is complex) incredibly quickly and then collaboratively delivered solutions that have had very positive impacts on our Marketing Cloud setup and communication journey capabilities across teams.

Derek Thomas

CRM Manager - University of Portsmouth

CloudV implemented data architecture changes, that have not only made our setup more robust and cost efficient, but more importantly have significantly reduced the complexity and key person dependency needed to manage the system. This has given us greater ability to build and manage effective customer communication journeys across all our user teams.

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Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps

Open the door to a realm of possibilities by gaining immediate access to our suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps. Revolutionize the way you approach marketing. Elevate your marketing strategies with our cutting-edge tools tailored to enhance your Salesforce experience. Get ready to amplify your marketing capabilities!

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Revolutionise your lead management by seamlessly integrating CloudV's Lead Scoring app with Salesforce. Capture the dynamic essence of prospect engagement by generating a comprehensive score that considers both the recency of touchpoints and their respective weightings. Additionally, enhance your Salesforce experience with a Lightning Component that displays the Lead Score Chart on each individual record.

AI-Powered Email

AI-Powered Email

Propel your email marketing endeavours into the future of communication, seamlessly integrating the cutting-edge synergy of artificial intelligence with your email strategy. Embark on a transformative journey by unlocking the unparalleled capabilities of CloudV's AI-Powered Email app today! Our advanced tool generates captivating subject lines, attention-grabbing preheaders, and compelling email copy with artificial intelligence.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect & Developer

Hi, I am Valentin Keuleyan

With over 10 years of experience in marketing automation, I had the opportunity to work for marketing agencies, Salesforce consultancies and end-users alike. Always delivering successful Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects and CRM campaigns for a wide range of companies across various industries (Energy, Transport, Education, Recruitment, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Finance).

In 2022, I created CloudV because I wanted to ensure exceptional service quality and keep long-term relationships with my clients. Starting CloudV has been an incredible adventure and I'm excited for the new challenges ahead!

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